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Toboggan Slide Tickets - Closed for the season on March 2nd, 2024

Quick Details

Single-Ride Ticket Valid for 1 Ride
Two-Ride Ticket Valid for 2 Rides
Three-Ride Ticket Valid for 3 Rides
Four-Ride Ticket Valid for 4 Rides

Experience the Toboggan Slide at Dufferin Terrace in Quebec City


The Quebec City Toboggan Slide

For over a century, the toboggan slide on Quebec City’s Dufferin Terrace has held its status as a distinctive and beloved attraction. This remarkable structure, ingrained in the lives of Quebec’s residents, first graced the terrace in 1884. Soon after, the iconic Château Frontenac, renowned as the world’s most photographed hotel, was erected beside the slide, casting its shade over what we believe to be the city’s oldest attraction.

Although it temporarily closed its gates in 1981, the slide saw a triumphant revival in December 1992 and has been in operation ever since. Descending down its thrilling slopes at speeds of up to 70 km/hour is sure to stir your emotions. Weather permitting, the three ice slides remain accessible from mid-December through mid-March, and possibly even beyond.

With the capacity to accommodate up to four passengers per toboggan, remember to secure your hats tightly, for an exhilarating ride awaits as you hurtle down the slide’s icy lanes.