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Explore the Historic Dufferin Terrace & Ride the Toboggan Slide in Quebec City, Canada

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Riding the Thrills: A Toboggan Slide Short Video Experience

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The Legacy of Dufferin Terrace in Quebec City

Dufferin Terrace, inaugurated in 1879 under the auspices of Governor General Frederick Temple Blackwood, also known as Lord Dufferin, stands as a testament to the preservation of Quebec City’s cultural heritage. Originally conceived as an ode to the site’s natural beauty, Lord Dufferin’s vision led to the expansion of Durham Terrace, stretching to the very doorstep of the iconic Chateau Frontenac, with Dufferin himself laying the foundation stone. This historically and culturally rich boardwalk remains a beloved destination, offering live entertainment and a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. Beneath its surface lies a hidden archaeological crypt, revealing the remnants of four defensive forts and two castles with names echoing the eras of Saint Louis and Haldimand. Having served as the official residence and seat of power for French and British governors during their respective rules, this terrace now symbolizes Quebec City’s enduring legacy, drawing in nearly 2.5 million visitors annually.

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What Our Customers Say!
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Amazing Experience!

We visited this place to go toboggan sliding. Located in Dufferin Terrace on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, this is one of the oldest ride in Quebec city (Old Quebec), the view itself is excellent. The ride is very inexpensive, $3 per person and $10 for a family of four. The waiting line is long but definitely worth it. The toboggan slide is just superb, a must-do in Quebec city.

– Tripadvisor, sunils2011
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Had a fantastic time on the slide. Its's only $3 per person a go. My wife chickened out so it was just me. You carry the toboggan up the slide (can be a bit slippy if icy) and then you position it at the top before the assistant pulls the lever and lets the 3 toboggans go. I think my wife was being a bit over the top, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. All very safe and good fun. We were a little early in the day (before 10am) but the guy let us go providing we paid cash.

– Tripadvisor, Miles 16
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Tons of Laughs!

We ended our trip with tobogganing at Au 1844, and what a blast. Lots of laughs, some screams and kids repeating that they wanted to keep going. A few bruises, but all in fun!

– Tripadvisor, Alexander M.
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What A Gem!

We have visited Qc city many times and have never seen this little place! I'm so glad we decided to go down tge toboggan run this visit. This was amazing-vey scary but worth it. The hot chocolate was yummy and the staff were 10+!

– Tripadvisor, SadieFrost8
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Just happened to be close to this cooling spot with delicious gelato on two straight afternoons when we really needed to stop and cool down after a lot of walking. I especially enjoyed their raspberry and strawberry gelato. Too often we end up more thirsty after ice-cream due to the sweetness. However, not with these two flavors. My family enjoyed the maple gelato, and the soft (creamery) type ice-creams.

– Tripadvisor, Rodolfo R.